Experiential Learning Summit

The Experiential Learning Summit is a big meeting where the studies in the field of experiential learning in our country are shared with the stakeholders in the education sector.

I. Experiential Learning Summit

February 11, 2017 Date of actual and Experiential Learning Summit academies, which have characteristics of being the first in Turkey in Istanbul brought together the public and civil society. An Educational Book, which includes all the methods produced and monitored during the project process, was also shared with the formal education and non-formal education representatives at the summit.

During the full-time summit, the project results were shared, as well as workshops with key speakers and hands-on workshops where learning games were shared.

David KOLB, the founder of experiential learning theory, connected to the summit via teleconferencing, shared his latest work in the field of experiential learning with the summit participants.

II. The Experiential Learning Summit will be in Istanbul in May 2019!

The second summit will be held in May 2019, where significant developments and good practices in the field of experiential learning will be shared.

Panels, concurrent workshops and surprise guests will take place in the summit for two days.

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