Join to DeMGÂH Trainer Network

Would you like to be our volunteer at DeMGÂH?

Trainers network of volunteer trainers who met our continuing throughout the year demgâh Research, Development, and Sharing activities in Türkçeleştirme Turkey is collaborating with trainers around.

DeMGÂH Committees

You can take part in the learning and cooperation circles of the DeMGÂH Educational Network in the following committees:

  • Turkish Translation: The working committee in which experiential learning resources and methods are introduced into Turkish.
  • Research: The study committee in which scientific studies in the field of experiential learning are monitored and examined.
  • Development: The working committee where joint R & D project groups are formed.
  • Activities: The working committee where educational meetings are organized.

How does the process work?

DeMGÂH Educational Network volunteerism in 5 steps:

  • Reference: Fill in the form on the left and send a request.
  • Meeting: You will meet the DeM team in an online / physical meeting to be organized as soon as possible.
  • DeMNET: You are included in DeM’s Online Volunteer Governance Platform, meet other trainers, and participate in your chosen workgroups.
  • DeMGAH Planning Meeting: In the autumn annual planning meeting, you meet with all the trainers and plan the next period together.
  • Sharing: All the efforts you make during the period and the works you produce are published on our web pages with your name and shared with the actors of the field of education at the Experiential Learning Summit held at the end of the term.