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GERMAN Basketball Federarion Training of Trainers- 2018

GERMAN Basketball Federarion
Training of Trainers
13-15 April 2018 – Duisburg
20-22 April 2018 – Berlin
27-29 April 2018 – Frankfurt
18-20 May 2018 - Bad Blankenburg
100 Participants

Turkey, Germany, France and Italy Basketball Federations implemented a long-term international project in order to renew the training system for basketball referees in the years 2015-2017. Within the scope of the project, the referee training system was made experiential learning-based and interactive, and a training manual was produced.

The German Basketball Federation took a first step to disseminate this newly developed system throughout the country by organizing a Training of Trainers Program in Berlin on 20-22 October 2017. This year, a comprehensive Training of Trainers Program was organized for the trainers who were conducting referee training. In this program, where we take part as DeM, we provided experiential learning training to 100 trainers in 4 provinces.

  • To Create a Positive Learning Atmosphere
  • Experiential Learning Cycle
  • Analysis (Debrief) Model
  • Interactive Training Methodology
  • Experiential Learning-Based Program Design