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YANYANA Meeting Workshop – ESKISEHIR

YANYANA Meeting Workshop – ESKISEHIR

RUMVADER - Association for the Support of Greek Community Foundations
Minority Rights
Right-Based Civil Society
Intercultural Learning
28 July 2018
23 Participants

YANYANA is a European Union Project implemented by Association for the Support of Greek Community Foundations. In this project, the university students from several different points from all Turkey, came together on Saturday, 28 July 2018 in Eskisehir Tepebasi Municipality’s 29 Ekim Youth


“Not Introducing but Meeting” workshop developed by the Experiential Training Center (DeM), took place under the accompaniment of YANYANA youth team and Mustafa ERDOGAN’s moderation. The workshop, began with the intention to raise an awareness on the cultural diversity of Turkey. At the first event in line with this goal, the participants met each other and the participants were informed about the project. Social life of minorities in Turkey, Today’s issues that come from the history of the Republic, problems of the young people who are from minority communities, discussed the scope of the workshop. Suggestions and support requests for the dissemination of the project were recorded and what could be done on the topics of the workshops were discussed.